Cupboard Love bookbuying night – the report!

Books have never looked so good in Wellington.

I had a great time at the ‘Cupboard Love’ event over at the Children’s Bookshop in Kilbirnie the other day, and wanted to report back to you folks about some new bookish finds. Well, new to me, that is.

First of all, know that I’m a hermit and don’t often venture out from my cave. That’s why I had no idea before Tuesday evening that I was sharing a city with such a cool bunch of YA and children’s book authors. Or at least, some of their names had crossed my radar, in a distant, sparkly-wonderful sort of way, but I hadn’t expected to meet them right here, on my doorstep.

Anyway, suffice to say that I was mightily impressed with the presentations and thrilled to be a part of it all. I thought I’d link to some of the authors’ websites here, so that friends could discover and peruse the works at their leisure – if you haven’t already, that is. It’s a present-buying time of year and all of these look like fabulous additions to a child’s bookshelf, where the age of the child in question is about 0-100. So without further ado, and in no particular order, here are some of the works that jumped out at me the other night:

Barbara Else. Her children’s book, ‘The Traveling Restaurant’, sounds intriguing. Adventure, derring do, yummy food – a winning combo. I’ll be looking this one up.

Johanna Knox. Her debut book, ‘The Flytrap Snaps’, benefits from some enviable illustration and design and sounds like a rollicking read! Plus, I just bought a venus flytrap. I’m thinking of naming it Sid.

Juliette MacIver. I was tickled to witness Juliette’s wonderful rhymes, wordplay and evident enjoyment of all of the above. Check out the Marmaduke Duck series. A series for reading aloud that won’t have you yawning aloud.

Fleur Beale. A doyen of the YA book scene in NZ, Ms Beale writes quality fare and has won numerous awards. She’s classy! (And also just plain all round nice.)

David Hair. This guy is prolific, with a rapid-fire succession of books on the boil. If you’re a myth geek like me, check out his series based on NZ legends and history, ‘the Bone Tiki’, and another one based around Indian myths.

Mandy Hager. Another household name, award-winner and general heroine of NZ YA lit. By all accounts the ‘Blood of the Lamb’ trilogy is something fine. And it has a character called Maryam (my birth name.) What’s not to like?

Margaret Tolland. She just put out her first illustrated children’s book, ‘The Fantail’s Quilt’. Looks gorgeous.

Fifi Colston. She’s a versatile artist as well as children’s book writer, and has worked previously at Weta Workshop (madness! hobbits! plastic moulds!) Another wildly prolific person to make you feel guilty.

Moira Wairama. She’s a professional storyteller whose book ‘The Taniwha of Wellington Harbour’ will be released in January. Let me tell you, that creature exists. I feel it shaking the ground from time to time…

…And there were more wonderful writers and illustrators there. I feel stupid not to have taken down all of their names – it really was a very fine gathering.

Well, now you have your Christmas list, should you need one. Support local authors! 🙂

EDIT: Johanna has filled me in on the writer and illustrator I was missing! One is Flytrap Snap’s very own Sabrina Malcolm, who brought to life those wonderful carnivorous plant characters, and the other is Geoff Palmer who has written a YA adventure entitled ‘Too Many Zeros’!

I hope you enjoy discovering these works as much as I did.

Over and out, from the hermit cave.


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4 Responses to Cupboard Love bookbuying night – the report!

  1. Helen Lowe says:

    They’re a great crowd, those Wellington kids/YA authors—although of course you forgot to mention that recent ‘crossover’ series, “The Chronicles of the Tree,”by … 😉

    • MaryV says:

      LOL! Never fear, I was plugging the Tree. “It may be shelved in the adult fantasy section, but I SWEAR it has great crossover potential…”

  2. Bahiyyih says:

    Wonderful display of ads! You could pay your electricity bills with this sort of catchy copy. Did you all make a pact with one another to defy the lack of distribution oil in today’s publishing engine and use your considerable talents to promote each others’ books?

    • MaryV says:

      We do, we do! It happens all the time. Writers are born socialists when it comes to promotion. I find it rather wonderful.

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