…But most of all Tree of Being!

TREE OF BEING: According to the Eastern Doctrine, the Tree of Being is a representation of the universe, containing and connecting all things. The physical world of space and time is “folded up” inside this construct somehow. It is unclear whether the Grafters See the Tree of Being as they do because of their own biases, or whether this meta-world is really like a tree (it’s hard to know without asking visitors from another universe!) The Tree of Being can only be accessed by Grafters in their trance, and allows them to See visions of the past or future (cf. ‘Leaf Letters’.) The Sap flows through the branches of the Tree of Being and gives life to all within it.

A Grafter may learn to navigate the Tree by allowing his ‘trance-form’, a residual mental body based on his memories of physicality, to be broken down and swept away by the Sap.

There was no question this time that the Reading had worked. In his eagerness to launch the trance, Tymon had forgotten how painful the experience could be. He gasped as the white-hot branches of the Tree erupted from his body in sudden profusion. Adana, the house-cart, all his surroundings were overwhelmed by budding tendrils. The branches twined on through a shining void without end. Although the Oracle too seemed to have vanished, he felt that she was near, hidden somewhere in the rustling vegetation. He sensed her familiar presence like a smell.

“What now?” he wondered aloud, grimacing as tiny tendrils searched their way out of the corners of his mouth and poked into his nostrils. Would the Reading always be this uncomfortable?

“That depends on you,” said the Oracle, a disembodied breath in his ear. He did not know whether she had answered his spoken question or his unspoken one.

“Where are the Letters?” he asked her. “How do I get to Samiha, Ama?” He was caught, transpersed. There was no way he could loosen himself from the branches meshed together with his flesh, let alone Read them all.

“The Letters are everywhere, at your fingertips. But you’ll need to use different senses to find them and different means of getting about than the ones you’re used to. Forget your body. It’s only a memory. Instead of using what you think of as your arms and legs, listen to the Sap. Move with it. It connects you to Samiha. Find her, reach out to her through the Tree.”

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  1. Helen Lowe says:

    Mary—love both the ‘physical’ and ‘metaphysical’ Tree.

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