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A long time ago

I can still remember how I used to blog And I knew if I had my chance, that I could make those people read Aaaand maybe they’d be happy, for a while…   I am so very sorry to have … Continue reading

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I think it was Kafka who said a writer without a novel is a monstrous thing. I am, therefore, indisputably monstrous. Novels – both the writing and the reading of them – require giving one’s undivided attention to the written … Continue reading

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Writing process

I’ve been lucky enough to be interviewed twice by fellow authors in recent days. This time, Sue Bursztynski, author of ‘Wolfborn’, has kindly asked me to stop by her blog ‘The Great Raven’ to answer a few questions about my … Continue reading

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The City of Masks

Ashley Capes is a poet and author of fantasy novels who very kindly interviewed me over on his blog the other day. I’d like to return the favour by asking him to post about his new book, ‘The City of … Continue reading

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The very kind Ashley Capes of ‘City of Masks’ fame has interviewed me for his site. News about past and present books. Check it out. Thanks for the chance to chat, Ashley!  

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Excuses, excuses

It has been a long while since I slunk by here, tail between my legs. My excuse, as always, is that I have been swamped “in real life” by doing, doing, doing. Indeed, like Ged at the end of ‘the … Continue reading

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In the beauty

I don’t know if other authors feel as I do, but one of the most marvellous things that have happened to me as a writer is to be privileged to witness artists creating images inspired by my stories. These glimpses … Continue reading

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Best wishes for 2014!

I think space-time slopes downwards – time is certainly running away from me. How did the new year arrive so quickly? Anyway, I want to wish a most wonderful and fulfilling 2014 to all my friends out there in the … Continue reading

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And now Nelson Mandela is gone, too. I don’t mean to use this blog to catalogue the deaths of deeply loved and admired people, though this does seem to be a year for it. It’s just that a sense of … Continue reading

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Fantasy legacy – CS Lewis

In the wake of the anniversary of three famous deaths – President Kennedy’s, C.S. Lewis’ and Aldous Huxley’s – there have been a slew of articles in mainstream press about the three men. I find it amusing (and edifying) that … Continue reading

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