…As well as Blast poison, Bound-boys and Bread Giving.

Blast-poison: semi-mythical explosive substance said to unleash a ball of fire so destructive it can reduce buildings to rubble and gouge sections out of the World Tree. Outlawed for many generations, the secret formula is known to a handful of scholars.

Bound-boy: recipient of the seminary’s charity. Typically a boy from the poorer sectors of Argosian society, officially adopted by the Priests’ Council and expected to pay off his masters’ investment over a period of indenture.

Bread-Giving: traditional charity event occurring before the spring festival in Argos. Intended to demonstrate seminary’s generosity to the less fortunate.


The sky was overcast as Tymon trudged down the front temple stairs in the company of Father Mossing, lugging a heavy basket of rusks. Though the Bread-Giving took place in the town at the foot of the public approach to the temple, tradition indicated that the seminary’s largess was to come, like the Tree’s green grace, from on high. Tymon was required to heave his oversized basket all the way up the back stairs from the College to the temple buttress, only to haul it down the main stairwell again and into the street, an exercise in futility. 

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    Such a world you evoke from a single word!

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