…And also for Leaf Letters, Lightwood and Loss

LEAF LETTERS: divinatory language associated with the Tree of Being and used by Nurian Grafters. Argosian sources do not generally mention the Leaf Letters.

Nurian Grafters believe that space and time may be represented by a tree (ref. ‘Tree of Being’.) They claim to ‘See’ this representation of the universe during their trances, and therefore to be able to ‘Read’ future outcomes and possibilities in the different branchings. These growth shapes – branches, leaves and offshoots combined – are called Leaf Letters and have been codified into a system of nineteen recognisable symbols. Each Letter has divinatory significance and together they are said to signify the will of ‘the Sap’ (the closest existing Nurian concept to a divine will; see ‘Sap’.)

The art of Reading the Leaf Letters includes a willingness to let go of preconceived notions and personal desires, which tend to muddy a vision. A true Reading is not conducted from a safe distance but plunges the Grafter straight into an overwhelming experience which includes emotional and sensory information. A Nurian Grafter therefore is not a coldly analytical person, exploring future possibilities from a distance: he or she must connect fully with the Tree of Being in order to be able to See in this manner. Those who refuse to give up their sense of self sufficiently to explore the Tree tend to become sorcerers, like the Argosian priests.

Lightwood: a less durable wood than hardwood, mined from outer reaches of the trunk or from certain branches.

Loss: one of the Leaf-Letters, and probably the most difficult for many Grafters to accept.

Remember, my love. There is no triumph without loss, no power without weakness. My life has been the exact opposite of a hero’s. A hero spends his time fighting for victory and making his mark on the world. I fall, and fail, and will be forgotten, at least for a while. If you wish to see me again, do not fear darkness and defeat. Do not fear Loss. If you can do that – if you can unbind yourself from wanting and winning – then we will meet again at the heart of the world, where all divisions cease.


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