An aside for overseas friends…

I’m taking a moment out from the Dictionary of the Tree to let overseas readers know that there is now (at long last) a way of ordering copies of ‘Tymon’s Flight’ and ‘Samiha’s Song’ without breaking the bank! Fishpondworld offers the books at a reasonable price with free shipping anywhere in the world, apparently – tell me if you try it and it works, because I’d be interested to know. 

After a year of not being available on Amazon or being available at jaw-droppingly steep prices, this is definitely a newsworthy item! I’ve also changed the links on the right hand side of the site to point to Fishpond

EDIT: The site actually has ‘Oracle’s Fire’ available for preorder, too! Fantastic. 🙂

Preorder Oracle’s Fire 

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  1. Tyson Perna says:

    I added my review to that site.

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