A quiet anniversary

One year ago today, the first book in the ‘Chronicles of the Tree’, ‘Tymon’s Flight’, hit bookstore shelves. I could finally say I was a published author. So this is an anniversary of sorts, and a good time to raise a glass to those wonderful people who helped bring that dream to life. Frank, Bahiyyih, Helenka, Stephanie, Natalie, Abigail… I couldn’t have written these books without you. I continue to write only because you make it possible.

It’s also a good time to take stock. Where is my writing career now, a year after that (admittedly rather exciting) moment? Am I making the bestseller lists? Are studios lining up to option the books for films, paying for my daughter’s college education? Has J.K. Rowling popped by for tea? What? No? How can that be? Don’t fantasy writers always make a mint? 🙂

Here’s the truth about being a published author, folks. Being a published author empties your pockets, puts you in debt, and drives your friends and family crazy with worry. It gives you RSI and pretty much instantly adds about 10 pounds to your hips. But it also brings a big, fat smile to your face, if you happen to love writing more than anything else in the world, and can’t live without it. Which happens to be my case.

So here I am, a year after P-Day: poor as a church mouse, not registering on any sort of list (except maybe one for the number of times people have written to me asking, “Why can’t I buy your book on Amazon?”) and determined, rather madly, to go on doing this.

It makes me happy.

Over and out.

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7 Responses to A quiet anniversary

  1. Mercia Schorn says:

    I can’t believe it’s been a whole year already!!! You have accomplished so much! You’re day will come!!!

    • MaryV says:

      Thanks Mercia – my bank manager hopes you’re right. However, despite fiscal appearances, my day is already here… and it’s a good one, thanks to all those who support me in this endeavour.

  2. Helen Lowe says:

    Hey Mary, congratulations on the anniversary. Not only writing a book but getting it published is an amazing milestone, one that very few of those who embark on the book-writing journey ever pass, so I think it is definitely a day to raise a glass to yourself. The writing life is not an easy one, but Samiha built on Tymon and I think there are many readers, in AU/NZ if not on Amazon, who are eagerly awaiting “Oracle’s Fire”–as I am. Happy Anniversary to your good self and the Tree!

  3. Bahiyyih says:

    Happy anniversary indeed! And a great day it was when you decided to step out of one screen and into another, thus proving to the world as well as yourself that one doesn’t only need a nose job, an avatar or a green card to change one’s identity. The marvel is not only that you’ve managed to complete three novels in the last five years, but also go through (how many?) of the Ruhi books, buy, renovate and sell (at the last count) three houses, produce a delightful child, and support a husband’s change of career at the same time. Pretty impressive, I’d say. But the best part of it is the joy! To have achieved that makes sense of all the rest! Happy birthday!

    • MaryV says:

      Speaking of nose jobs, that nut job in Norway has apparently had one, to make himself look Aryan. This is the schlock that makes the news over here. Is something interesting being reported on your side of the world?

  4. Bahiyyih says:

    We continue to count corpses – in Libya, in Syria, in Egypt and of course still in Afghanistan and Iraq. People have stopped counting in the Sudan. And it is lies we count in Iran. Where there are more nose jobs than anywhere else on the planet by the way…

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